Bronze with Gold Leaf, 2023
W x L x H
10 x 8 x 20 inches
Just one edition.
Laura Teste

TOCCATA is a departure for me. A  composition without a figure. This dazzling bronze banner embodies the rapid elaborate runs of a toccata fugue in a rhythmically free style.  Toccata was inspired from the whirling sail carried by the figure in the piece “Aria of Poets”.  Optimism with an eye on the future.

Alotta Toccata

I’m running down the keyboards,
I’m doing double time,
My walking base has more chords
Than Coltrane in his prime.

I wrote a grand toccata,
This ain’t no minuet,
I’m sweating out a lotta
Allegros wringing wet.

Just one more grand finale,
Timbre of grit and gall,
The mountain king’s stage rally
That races through his hall.

I’m mixing more fugues than Bach,
But I’m still incomplete,
To keep time around the clock,
I count on your heartbeat.

With you my trill is higher,
You are my perfect muse,
Gigue or great balls of fire,
You are my perfect fuse.