TimeKeeper's Opus


The Past: About Time Figurative Studies
Bronze with Gold Leaf, 2023
W x L x H
23 x 11 x 10 inches
Just one edition.
Laura Teste

TIMEKEEPER’S OPUS represents The Past in the About Time Figurative Studies. The figure is a confident Maestra conducting a gloriously entwined gold-leafed bolt of fabric. The viewer can decide if the conductress’ spinning cloth will form a cocoon or a sail.

The Timekeeper Opus

The crowd murmurs and smells of rain,
Clutching playbills rushing in vain.
Watch your step the usher warns.
An aisle light guides and a promise forms.

The past? We’ve met a time or two.
I think she comes here for the view,

She sheds her gloves with practiced ease,
Seated with students and retirees.
The timekeeper pulls out her pen,
In the program jots where and when.

Do you and I think to take notes?
To mark this night of fancy damp coats.

The emcee thanks patrons who paid,
Last whispers wisp, chandeliers fade.
The timekeeper taps her high heel,
Nodding, knowing how fine we feel. 

But is there more? The past I mean.
Moments and moods of our mise-en-scene?

Applause and cheer, bravo to this.
The roar of life too soon I’ll miss.
What noise I make, I cry encore.
I wave my hopes wishing for more.

The crowd conflicted cheers, weeps, and mourns,
And throws to the stage petals and thorns.