Bronze, 2022
W x L x H
8 1/2  x 6 x 24 inches
Limited Edition of six
Laura Teste

Sea Wind is one of the three Sea Sisters.  Each figure engages with the seashore through a unique point of view.  The seashore’s trinity of elements  – waves, wind, and sun manifest as stamina, muse, and brilliance in this series.

The figure of Sea Wind is checking out the breezes swirling around her.  Like the others, she also has a sandy perch.  The moment has a feeling of a chance encounter where she discovers a fellow denizen.

I created a very orange layered patina for the Sea Sisters.  The intensity serves to raise the intensity and heat of the sculpture.


Is that you, Wind?
Gentle breeze about my legs you probe,
A cat’s tail uncurling at the fringe of my robe?
Playful dust devil tugging at my hat,
Pulling me along with a song like that.

 Is that you, Wind?
Temperamental gust tangling sand in my hair,
Shakespeare’s King Lear lobbing tantrums in the air,
Alone, apart we leave a dance unshared,
Yet chance to inspire a poet when paired.