Bronze, 2022
W x L x H
8 1/2  x 6 x 24 inches
Limited Edition of six
Laura Teste

Sea Cliffs is one of the three Sea Sisters.  Each figure engages with the seashore through a unique point of view.  The seashore’s trinity of elements  – waves, wind, and sun manifest as stamina, muse, and brilliance in this series.

The figure of Sea Cliffs converses with the sea about the meaning of stamina.  She is on the edge of a sandy pedestal arched in a side cambre.  The definition of stamina depends on her reference frame or that of the Sea.

I created a very orange layered patina for the Sea Sisters.  The intensity serves to raise the intensity and heat of the sculpture.


 “It’s solid where you stand,
Yet my tides steal the sand,
You will sink standing still,
Waves from deep water will.        

I’m impatient,” said the sea,
“I am as well,” so said she.

“My restless waves are born, 
Young water from the worn, 
I witness drifting years,
Flawed currents of old fears.

I feel ancient,” said the sea.  
“I feel that too,” so said she.

“Time favors ebbs and flows,
Rocks to sand as it goes,
No sea cliffs stay a wall,
‘Eternals!’ yet they fall.

I am patient,” said the sea.
“I am as well,” so said she.