Bronze, 2019
W x L x H
8 x 14 x 21 inches
Limited Edition of 10
Laura Teste

SAW LIGHTNING urges the viewer to adopt a bold attitude.  She sees adventures where others see hazards.  Where others may run from the sound of thunder, this figures calls to the storm.  SAW LIGHTNING reaches for the heavens regardless of the forecast.  She herself fires off the ground with the power of a lightning bolt.


She wakes not to walk
merely cloaked in the norm,
Nor stares at a clock,
just to coast or conform.

She sees the heat lightning
and calls to the storm,

The thunder inviting,
colossus in form.

She fingers the drops
of the afternoon rain,

On pavers and puddles,
the echoes refrain.

Her grit is her guile
and her guile is her gain,

Where others feel wet,
she begins in her reign.