Collaborative Art Project

Ryan El-Yafouri
Laura Teste

Bronze with decoupages mounted on granite
Each statue is 4 x 5 x 15 inches

Artwork Description:
Our primary goal is to communicate the synergies and contrasts between the ethos of two art cultures.
There are two bronze figures.  One bronze is the canvas for the contemporary message.  Messages of determination and creativity adorn the figure’s curves. The other bronze serves as the mirror with its simple nakedness.  Together with their different skins but repeated forms, the pair embodies the beliefs and aspirations today’s diverse art cosmos.

Collaboration Experience:
We come from different corners of the art world.  Ryan El-Yafouri (b.1991) is an award winning edgy visual artist and graphic illustrator.  Laura Teste (b. 1968) is known for her classic figurative bronze sculptures.  Yet we are both inspired by the independent spirit of our subjects.  Our goal was to personify the strength of character in our collaborative art project.

We discussed our art – Our inspirations, our color biases, our messaging, and then, our concepts & our goals.  Our dialogue was open, unguarded.  With this meeting of minds, it became easy to develop the idea and turn it into a reality.  All that was needed to start was an exchange of ideas.

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