W x L x H
8 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft
Laura Teste


It’s morning sun on a normal day,
The list of to-do’s start again.
A blank page to the left of me
Beckons words from my mind and my pen.

She says, “Let’s mine a vein of rhapsodies,
Let’s divine a river sublime.
With a kiss and a lick, Let us conga and kick
And dance cross these pages in time.”

Chair wheels worn down by busywork,
Scratch epigrams in the wood floor.
The ring stains and the watermarks
Unlock clues that I seek and search for.

She says, “Let us run free like a thoroughbred,
Let’s hold a wolf by its ears.
With the heart of a lion, and soul of a stallion
Let’s be bold and unchained by fears.”

Here here! the flotsam of my studio,
Has a lyrics and legends to say.
My inner muse sings and sets sonnets on wing
Each morning of each normal day.