Bronze, 2019
W x L x H
18 x 9 x 16 inches
Limited Edition of 10
Laura Teste

BREATHLESS is a direct appeal to the viewer. The figure challenges us to follow her.  With her swirling fabric and the torso twist, the figure conveys a dynamic yet graceful launch.  She embodies the pillars of self-reliance.
Trust in herself,
Embracing non-conformity,
Cutting new paths,
Defining her principles,
& Welcoming independence.


See me daring to be seen,
Saddling fate, fierce and keen.
Do you follow?

See me breathless with my roar
Tasting life, watch me soar.
Will you follow?

See me gambling with high stakes,
One joy heals a hundred aches.
Do you follow?

See me restless to the core,
Spinning worlds across the floor.
Will you follow?

See me shooting for the stars,
I’m all in with all my scars.
Do you follow?

See me flying never blind,
Sprawling plans and open mind,
Will you follow?

See me leaping past the line,
Silver spoon or cardboard sign.
Do you follow?

See me bringing my best self,
Nothing left on the shelf.
Will you follow?