Bronze, 2017
W x L x H
12 x 8 x 24 inches
Limited Edition of 10
Laura Teste

I fully appreciate the attention, rigor, and control required of dancers and athletes. BLUE SKY is the moment where the figure cuts her losses and turns to blue sky for what life offers next. The 3-6 month artistic journey is mentally and physically arduous. And I love it.


She stalked out the door,
left her plans on the floor,

Foreswearing that crowded café.
Never to return,
no lessons to learn,

Discarding a youthful cliché.

Traveling tonight
at the speed of spite,

Cutting her losses and pain.
Yearnings in hand,
fresh prints in the sand,

Leaving the timeworn terrain.

Dawn longs for the day,
she’s well on her way,

Climbing again the apex.
With a long, long try,
she turns to blue sky,

Gaining what life offers next.