Bronze, 2018
W x L x H
9 x 13 x 20 inches
Laura Teste

The hope for love trails in the wake of the Argentine Tango dancer.  Last week’s lovers wait for an encouraging nod from her to be her partner again in this Latin dance of passion and sweat.  I use the contour of the arms, curl of hair, and flare of the dress to convey the complicated yet enticing charms of the independent woman.


Boards beaten by soles,
Slats seasoned by sweat,
Actors in their roles,
Night’s not written yet.

Last weeks’ lovers wait,
Lifts her chin to one,
Swiftly standing straight,
The dare has just begun.

 A bandoneon plays,
A minor chord trills,
Passion joins their gaze,
Tension wraps their wills.

 Pivot, cross, and close,
Fever rising steep,
Stilettoed heel flows,
Hunger cutting deep.

Trance and music break,
Damp torsos untwine,
Rapt eyes chase her wake,
Praying for a sign.